Frisky goings on at the Fish Club…

You would be forgiven for assuming that the team behind the Experimental cocktail club, the Curio parlor, the Beef club and the ballroom are too busy “pac-manning” their way through Paris to pay attention to the quality or originality of their establishments. You would be very wrong. The Fish club is in stark contrast to its siblings and the ambiance is somewhere between Cornwall in the 50’s and an up market Peruvian waterside inn. Sounds anachronistic? Well, it simply works. The foray of fresh fish (try saying this 10 times without faltering!) is simply flawless. Sample the Ceviche, octopus or crab cakes at the bar or settle in a comfortable armchair, and savor the fish marinated in spices accompanied by sweet potatoes and corn to do justice to the dishes that are prevalent here. As this restaurant is only open in the evenings, from Tuesday to Saturday and a reservation is required, prepare, (and this is in the t tradition of many establishments now in Paris), to “retire” to its gentleman’s club inspired ballroom downstairs. Repeat the experience as often as you like.

58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau