Death by Ducasse.

There is no better time for chocolate than now. So why settle when you can bolt straight to the most hedonistic of sources; Alain Ducasse’ chocolate manufactory. La Manufacture de Chocolate is the “Aston martin” equivalent of chocolate and gifts from here would be ideal for taking back as “peace” offerings for your mum/partner/boss who might be feeling a little neglected of late. You might be a little bewildered when you enter this haven to chocoholics and you should be when you consider Alain Ducasses’ worldwide reputation, however, you will also be delighted by the combinations once you’ve caught your breathe, (although the presentation of these little works of art will unsettle you even further). Start with the “21 selection” gift box; the descriptions of each ingredient are not unlike reading a Michelin gourmet dessert list. But this is what THIS chocolate manufacturer is all about; gourmet chocolate. Exceptional chocolate combinations to be savored in the comfort of your own home and if you can wait that long. …Pure mounds of chocolate, just waiting to be whisked away and cherished with your loved ones, or not. We strongly recommend (and the prices are reasonable considering the manufacturer’s lineage), the rule of “3” in this case. Purchase one item as a gift for a lucky recipient, another for one ‘self, because it’s so special and an extra last box. Just in case….

75011 PARIS