Matières à réflexion
We haven’t often talked about recycling on Paris Papers, so now is the opportunity to do so, especially in the wake of thought provoki […]

Le Tampographe – Sardon (Sardon rubber stamps)
We have wanted to write about this particular character for some time, and he is quite a character. Irasci […]

Lily of the Valley
Floral wall paper, clean designs and marble counters…No, this is not Liberty of London but the exquisitely furnished Lily of the Valley tea […]

Chloe S

Yes, we want to talk about food, food and more food. Fresh and delectable fuel for the approaching winter. Chloe S hits the spot. Nestled in the 9th ar […]

Original Purple Design
We fell in love with these guys when perusing through the plethora of talent that is currently sprouting up in France. Original Purple de […]

Vice Versa hotel
Chantal Thomass needs no introduction. Just in case you haven’t heard of her; she could be considered to be the guru of lingerie. Her name wo […]

l’oeil du globe
Whilst doing some research, we were literally hit by a site that stood out with its flashy fluorescent yellow home page.  We had seen l&r […]

Rosa Bonheur sur Seine
You have no doubt been aware for sometime of the peniche and “seine side” opening of the Rosa Bonheur establishment. We wanted to men […]

Having dropped off my children at school, I decided to amble down the road instead of running back home to fulfill the usual daily rituals that make up th […]

Chips ahoy
The sunken chip is a blessing when spending longer periods in Paris and the yearning for fab fish and chips from yonder is just too much to bear. You […]

Don’t get this hotel confused with the erotic book; the Story of O. The appeal of the hotel O lies elsewhere and mostly in conjunction with the modern […]

Faust is a newly opened terrace area under the Pont Alexandre, which is making some noise due to the air of mystery that surrounds what’s to come in t […]

Le Tambour. 
We would not be adequately reflecting the longstanding habits of Parisians if we didn’t talk about “older” haunts from time to time. We’re […]

Ich & Kar
Such a cool name for a graphic design combo whose extensive work you’ve no doubt seen in Paris or elsewhere for years. The team behind the Arte […]

We’ve been meaning to write about this established club for a while now; their line-ups just keep on catching our eye and with all the movement that i […]