Barak 7 

We stumbled across this site, which has too many enticing objetcs to mention here, but the overall feel of “warehouse chic “ gave rise to our decision to feature their unique items here. Personally, we love industrial, well worn, large-scale furniture and especially when you mix these larger pieces with traditional modern designs; thus giving them a whole new lease on life in the process. The furniture featured on Barak 7 stems entirely from previous industrial use and so all those bar stools, lamps, tables and shelves and surfaces that you have had your eye on in bars, restaurants or hotels can now be yours. The pieces that we have decided to feature here speak for themselves, but if a “well lived” industrial cupboard is not quite your cup of tea, then you might prefer their smaller bits and pieces, like trays, catering items or lamps and stools…. The prices are reasonable when you take into consideration the size, materials used and the heritage of these objects. When you see these items together, the notion of ergonomic design and “readymade” art come to mind. An erstwhile office letter rack, a huge, metal storage shelf tells a story in itself and strays from the standard Ikea type drawing room. We love Ikea, but doesn’t juxtaposing the latter with more “vintage” elements lend more personality to a room? Aside from this, if you’re anything like us, and haven’t got a clue about how so much stuff could have been accumulated over the years, these trunks, shelves and bookcases actually are made precisely for storing hoards of things. They are not only interesting conversation pieces, but they are pretty damn useful. We shall say no more, just see for yourselves….