1, 2, Cha-cha-cha

Le Chacha was recently the club of choice for the Paris Papers team and we had a memorable night We can honestly tell you that, for once, our night out received a resounding A +. From start to finish, we were greeted by a jovial and respectful staff and this vibe continued throughout the evening. A good eclectic crowd shared the dance floor, an equally eclectic and superbly unpretentious DJ (who’s name we cant for the life of us remember!) kept us on our toes and the lovely fumoir or smoking space spared us from bracing the weather outside. The owner circled this bar/club restaurant almost as if greeting his « guests » personally. This is what made the difference for us this and this is the reason why we single out this club in particular for Paris Papers…. We can’t vouch for this club on every night of the week, but the Saturday that we went, it was pretty faultless. The part of the night that we DO remember in any case, because towards “morning” things became somewhat blurred …but you know the saying, if you can actually remember the 70’s then you cant have really lived!

47 rue Berger

Paris 75001

Metro Louvre Rivoli