Le Tampographe – Sardon (Sardon rubber stamps)
We have wanted to write about this particular character for some time, and he is quite a character. Irasci […]

Imagine a drawing or graphic transcribed to a beautiful hand crafted rug and that adds a considerable edgy, “crafty” personality to a room. Floor art. […]

Barak 7 
We stumbled across this site, which has too many enticing objetcs to mention here, but the overall feel of “warehouse chic “ gave rise to our deci […]

Le Labo
Behind the art of perfecting and concocting sublimely customized scents, are two french men, Edouard « Eddie » Roschi et Fabrice P […]

Matières à réflexion
We haven’t often talked about recycling on Paris Papers, so now is the opportunity to do so, especially in the wake of thought provoki […]

Original Purple Design
We fell in love with these guys when perusing through the plethora of talent that is currently sprouting up in France. Original Purple de […]

Having dropped off my children at school, I decided to amble down the road instead of running back home to fulfill the usual daily rituals that make up th […]

French touche 
Alongside the concept store Colette that needs no introduction, a quirky little vintage-orientated concept store is feeding its fan base with fa […]

Pop Up Shop #12
We talked about the last edition of the BOUTIQUE ÉPHÉMÈRE and its back on the 4 – 6th of October. This is the wonderful « pre-wi […]

« Now were talking serious Shopping/dancing… »Thanx God Im a VIP is a truly remarkable vintage shop by the Canal St martin that stoc […]

Don’t trifle with our tea
Mariage frères was voted by Newsweek as the world’s best place to visit in its field. So you know what to do when you’re in Par […]

Clogs up!Marie’s authentic swedish clogs are all about breaking the mould with their erstwhile image. This is Paris, so what you find here is the glamorous ci […]