For kids

No, the fate of the printed magazine or book has not been compromised by the digital age. It would seem that these 2 very different ways of reading actua […]

Lily of the Valley
Floral wall paper, clean designs and marble counters…No, this is not Liberty of London but the exquisitely furnished Lily of the Valley tea […]

Chloe S

Yes, we want to talk about food, food and more food. Fresh and delectable fuel for the approaching winter. Chloe S hits the spot. Nestled in the 9th ar […]

Rosa Bonheur sur Seine
You have no doubt been aware for sometime of the peniche and “seine side” opening of the Rosa Bonheur establishment. We wanted to men […]

Having dropped off my children at school, I decided to amble down the road instead of running back home to fulfill the usual daily rituals that make up th […]

French touche 
Alongside the concept store Colette that needs no introduction, a quirky little vintage-orientated concept store is feeding its fan base with fa […]

First Impresssions
The Imprimerie or “Printers” is a cross between a gallery and a concept store that showcases brands; notably those that appeal to kids. O […]

Ave Azzedine Alaïa
Anyone who remembers this fashion icon from the the 80s and 90s, will be awe-struck by what has been assembled here, as a homage to this man […]

“Oh I do like to be beside the Seine side…”From late July to late August, Paris’ banks transform themselves into a ringside city beachscape. Some native […]

104 reasons to be cheerful..This vast building an what once was a sort of no mans land; lends itself today as the cultural Centre holding regular exhibits, deba […]

Loulou addiction
Situated in a prime location next to fabulous bars, galleries and cool venues, LouLou addict is a shop that you just cant go without. Literally […]

The virtual boutiqueLa Boutique Ephémère consolidates on a regular basis all the best french designers, accessories, jewelry, design, books and objects in the […]

Initials BB at Wanderlust
Imagine a huge outdoor terrace attached to a club and restaurant where you can contemplate the stars or dance like a loony indoors rig […]

La Botica boutiquaNext to the now famous boutique hotel, Mama shelter and the newly reopened fleche d’or, this concept store displays clothes, bags and ite […]

Vietnam veteransParis Hanoi is the place for the best tasting vietnamese food in Paris. The queues will vouch for that and the food is well worth the wait. Go f […]