Israel Garcia & his Camera Minutera
Strolling along the Seine in the blistering heat this summer, we literally stumbled across a very charismatic figure pee […]

Mel, Mich & Martin
With their funky name, which favours a large dose of alliteration, you would be forgiven to suspect that this store was born from just an […]


Pas du tout… a la folie
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Oh…the lovely month of may…

No, the fate of the printed magazine or book has not been compromised by the digital age. It would seem that these 2 very different ways of reading actua […]


Whats been on Facebook this week….

Imagine a drawing or graphic transcribed to a beautiful hand crafted rug and that adds a considerable edgy, “crafty” personality to a room. Floor art. […]

Barak 7 
We stumbled across this site, which has too many enticing objetcs to mention here, but the overall feel of “warehouse chic “ gave rise to our deci […]

Oliver Beer
The superlative gallery space that constitutes the Thaddeus Ropac gallery is well worth the trek; situated just on the outskirts of Paris and the Pa […]

Le Labo
Behind the art of perfecting and concocting sublimely customized scents, are two french men, Edouard « Eddie » Roschi et Fabrice P […]


If you’re yearning to forage into an authentic, contemporary French artist’s living space, jump to the home/atelier of a very unusual duo who open u […]

Les années scooter
We want to introduce you to a guy who we have been following closely forever and who has been developing his 50s and 60s inspired scooter co […]