into the Night


If you’re yearning to forage into an authentic, contemporary French artist’s living space, jump to the home/atelier of a very unusual duo who open u […]

Les années scooter
We want to introduce you to a guy who we have been following closely forever and who has been developing his 50s and 60s inspired scooter co […]

Vice Versa hotel
Chantal Thomass needs no introduction. Just in case you haven’t heard of her; she could be considered to be the guru of lingerie. Her name wo […]

Faust is a newly opened terrace area under the Pont Alexandre, which is making some noise due to the air of mystery that surrounds what’s to come in t […]

Le Tambour. 
We would not be adequately reflecting the longstanding habits of Parisians if we didn’t talk about “older” haunts from time to time. We’re […]

We’ve been meaning to write about this established club for a while now; their line-ups just keep on catching our eye and with all the movement that i […]

Marvelous Island 
We wrote about last year’s edition and this one promises to be equally delectable especially as festivals go within Paris, a rarity. If clu […]

Imagine a handful of the capitals most dapper club promoters (From Baron & Chez Moune fame) aligning with one another and choosing one of the coolest […]

Tongues have been wagging about this place for some time now. Not only is this Tacqueria, bar and hugely hip meeting place considered ueber trendy bu […]

1, 2, Cha-cha-cha
Le Chacha was recently the club of choice for the Paris Papers team and we had a memorable night We can honestly tell you that, for once, our […]

King of  clubs – The Rex
It’s the beginning of the autumn and for some reason, the clubbing articles seem to be dominating the agenda on Paris Papers […]

Eldorado is here 
The Eldorado hotel situated in the Place de Clichy area and has been a hit with models, Djs and regulars to Paris for decades now. We have wi […]

Hip hip Hotel 
The art deco inspired Hotel du temps has been receiving rave reviews for a while now and even more so since it’s bar and basement section have […]

Alberto García-Alix and the land of no return….Alberto García-Alix is one of the most « In-vogue » Spanish photographers right now. Having established hi […]


Concretely speaking….
Concrete organize all day long “every other” Sunday parties on a boat, which are not for the faint hearted. Although the many ve […]