Eating & drinking

Mel, Mich & Martin
With their funky name, which favours a large dose of alliteration, you would be forgiven to suspect that this store was born from just an […]

Lily of the Valley
Floral wall paper, clean designs and marble counters…No, this is not Liberty of London but the exquisitely furnished Lily of the Valley tea […]

Chloe S

Yes, we want to talk about food, food and more food. Fresh and delectable fuel for the approaching winter. Chloe S hits the spot. Nestled in the 9th ar […]

Rosa Bonheur sur Seine
You have no doubt been aware for sometime of the peniche and “seine side” opening of the Rosa Bonheur establishment. We wanted to men […]

Chips ahoy
The sunken chip is a blessing when spending longer periods in Paris and the yearning for fab fish and chips from yonder is just too much to bear. You […]

Don’t get this hotel confused with the erotic book; the Story of O. The appeal of the hotel O lies elsewhere and mostly in conjunction with the modern […]

Faust is a newly opened terrace area under the Pont Alexandre, which is making some noise due to the air of mystery that surrounds what’s to come in t […]

Le Tambour. 
We would not be adequately reflecting the longstanding habits of Parisians if we didn’t talk about “older” haunts from time to time. We’re […]

Imagine a handful of the capitals most dapper club promoters (From Baron & Chez Moune fame) aligning with one another and choosing one of the coolest […]

Tongues have been wagging about this place for some time now. Not only is this Tacqueria, bar and hugely hip meeting place considered ueber trendy bu […]

La Conserverie
We think that often the differences between countries, cultures and what most speaks volumes about the locals are their habits of consumption on […]

Frisky goings on at the Fish Club…
You would be forgiven for assuming that the team behind the Experimental cocktail club, the Curio parlor, the Beef club […]

Up your bum
The Derriere, (arse, behind, bum, whatever you want to call it in English), is the quirky off-spring of and situated right “behind “the hugely s […]

Drunk food
It is in the busy 5th district, that you can relish the most incredibly delicious versions of the two most popular staples of french dining; Coq au v […]

Hip hip Hotel 
The art deco inspired Hotel du temps has been receiving rave reviews for a while now and even more so since it’s bar and basement section have […]