Hip and fresh

Mel, Mich & Martin
With their funky name, which favours a large dose of alliteration, you would be forgiven to suspect that this store was born from just an […]

No, the fate of the printed magazine or book has not been compromised by the digital age. It would seem that these 2 very different ways of reading actua […]

Le Labo
Behind the art of perfecting and concocting sublimely customized scents, are two french men, Edouard « Eddie » Roschi et Fabrice P […]


If you’re yearning to forage into an authentic, contemporary French artist’s living space, jump to the home/atelier of a very unusual duo who open u […]

Les années scooter
We want to introduce you to a guy who we have been following closely forever and who has been developing his 50s and 60s inspired scooter co […]

Matières à réflexion
We haven’t often talked about recycling on Paris Papers, so now is the opportunity to do so, especially in the wake of thought provoki […]

Original Purple Design
We fell in love with these guys when perusing through the plethora of talent that is currently sprouting up in France. Original Purple de […]

l’oeil du globe
Whilst doing some research, we were literally hit by a site that stood out with its flashy fluorescent yellow home page.  We had seen l&r […]

Don’t get this hotel confused with the erotic book; the Story of O. The appeal of the hotel O lies elsewhere and mostly in conjunction with the modern […]

Faust is a newly opened terrace area under the Pont Alexandre, which is making some noise due to the air of mystery that surrounds what’s to come in t […]

Ich & Kar
Such a cool name for a graphic design combo whose extensive work you’ve no doubt seen in Paris or elsewhere for years. The team behind the Arte […]

We’ve been meaning to write about this established club for a while now; their line-ups just keep on catching our eye and with all the movement that i […]

Marvelous Island 
We wrote about last year’s edition and this one promises to be equally delectable especially as festivals go within Paris, a rarity. If clu […]

La Conserverie
We think that often the differences between countries, cultures and what most speaks volumes about the locals are their habits of consumption on […]

Frisky goings on at the Fish Club…
You would be forgiven for assuming that the team behind the Experimental cocktail club, the Curio parlor, the Beef club […]