Mel, Mich & Martin
With their funky name, which favours a large dose of alliteration, you would be forgiven to suspect that this store was born from just an […]

Lily of the Valley
Floral wall paper, clean designs and marble counters…No, this is not Liberty of London but the exquisitely furnished Lily of the Valley tea […]

Faust is a newly opened terrace area under the Pont Alexandre, which is making some noise due to the air of mystery that surrounds what’s to come in t […]

Eldorado is here 
The Eldorado hotel situated in the Place de Clichy area and has been a hit with models, Djs and regulars to Paris for decades now. We have wi […]

Jardin d’acclimatation
The Bois de Boulogne is widely known but this particular park cannot claim such notoriety regarding visitors to Paris. Exotic fauna […]

July in the key of Jazz
This weekend sees the 2 day Paris Jazz Festival which as every year ends with the 14th of july celebrations all over paris. If you want […]

Beach boom…
To coincide with the Paris beaches this summer, the Glazart is hosting an array of concerts that cover all tastes and will culminate with the […]

“Oh I do like to be beside the Seine side…”From late July to late August, Paris’ banks transform themselves into a ringside city beachscape. Some native […]

Rose coloured people-watchingIf your need to capture some bucolic bliss in this often very congested city, and this is in every sense of the word as Paris’ de […]

Magic hands / Mojo boost
Masseur, Qi gong expert and pamperer to the stars, Bruno Eap is a must for giving your tired frame AND frame of mind a boost. Your body […]