Cool for kiddy cats.
Fruit punch is a children’s clothes store, (that stock such creative items for kids that quite frankly you’d be hard pushed to find this stuff anywhere else). The originality and the quality of the items are reflected in the price, but when you think in terms of giving presents that are this cool and that are not likely to be found anywhere else, this is highly justifiable. This was one of the first Paris boutiques to stock the Rockabye baby CDs. These compilations of “lullabies” revisited straddle the whole gamut of rock legends; from Metallica to Nirvana and everything in between. They are the first store to stock the Psy Gangnam style T-shirts and baby grows…. Need we say more? Presents, toys and ueber cool creative ideas for the 0 – 8 year old.

32 rue Rivoli
75004 Paris
Quartiers: Marais, 4ème