Up your bum

The Derriere, (arse, behind, bum, whatever you want to call it in English), is the quirky off-spring of and situated right “behind “the hugely successful 404; the first of Mourad’s North African restaurants in Paris. This was subsequently followed by MOMO’s in London. It is also behind one of the oldest private houses in the capital, between the Marais and Beaubourg areas, and is, in polite terms, the equivalent of an arty funky, private home, where you can play a game of table tennis between courses and where you can choose to eat in a bedroom, boudoir or the sitting room. The trendy oriental bar Andy Wahloo is ALSO “derriere” these walls; rather like a successful cousin to its delightful wacky counterpart. Needless to say, the rooms and ambience are eclectic, like stepping into your adventurous aunt’s home; with skis leaning against the walls, vintage radio and of course a “smoking room” or Fumoir as it is known here. I’m not sure your aunt ever cooked as well as this though; the wholesome and delicious traditional cuisine is tantalizingly good. No twerking, we’re french.

69, rue des Gravilliers
75003 Paris