Hotel 123 Sebastepol

When visiting Paris, the first thing that comes to mind is not particularly French cinema, but one must remember that this is a very strong industry referred to in French as the “7th art form”. A very popular hotel stands out in this context in that it is entirely based on this theme and this makes it a quite unique experience. Accessories, textiles and references adorn this 4 star hotel on every floor and which famous celebrities along the way have endorsed. An example is the Ennio Morrione room, which enables listening to his film scores with the headphones provided; the wallpaper is a blown up print of one of his hand written scores adorning the bedstead. Every floor has its particular theme and the adjoining terraces look over the Parisian rooftops or the courtyard and are curiously furnished with enormous attention to detail according to the star it refers to. In the heart of Paris, you couldn’t want for a more original introduction to famous French cinematic figures; a projection room, bustling bar and lobby that resemble a cinema top the lot. Wonderful amenities provide an irresistible romantic getaway for your luscious weekend in the city of lights…

  • 123, boulevard Sébastopol
  • 75002 Paris – France
  • Tél : +33 1 40 39 61 23
  • Fax: +33 1 42 36 48 61