Le Labo

Behind the art of perfecting and concocting sublimely customized scents, are two french men, Edouard « Eddie » Roschi et Fabrice Penot who have used their exceptional talent in refining heady and intoxicating ingredients that perpetuate the art of « made to measure » perfumes. You choose from distinctive “base” smells whose components originate from the Grasse region. Then your choice of other components is introduced with the help of one of their assistants. The final creation is then sealed in a gorgeous bottle with the mixture of elements that comprise your final selection of “notes”, creating an overall harmony, ( we are using musical terms on purpose, as the process really conjures up this image). With this, your name is then inscribed on the label. It doesn’t get much cooler than this. The result will then have either a « woody » base, a « vanilla » sweet or rose based floral undertone or a musky base that can be either strong or delicate depending on the measures. There are many “base note” selections to start from (around 13 including Neroli, Patchouli, Bergamot etc) and a lot of attention to detail is administered in order to finalize the process of elaborating each additional component. The ”symphonic” culmination will envelop you in its own heady and lingering essence; one that is yours.

Their shops are now all over the world and the success of Le Labo is well deserved, for the art of perfume making is a delicate one and creating a witty take on the process of personalizing your own scent and pampering yourself in the process can never be taken too lightly. Alchemy was never as blissful as this.


7, rue Froissart
75003 Paris


6 Rue de Bourbon-le-Château, Paris 6e

Open from Monday to Saturday from 11 till 7 pm