Don’t trifle with our tea

Mariage frères was voted by Newsweek as the world’s best place to visit in its field. So you know what to do when you’re in Paris then. This cathedral to tea lovers cannot be overlooked on your visit; even when one is not looking for items that are so a part of the English institution. Founded in 1854, you will be transported back to yesteryear and awarded the finest display of tea imaginable. All the selections are refined, selected and presented by glove adorning handsome young men. They are only a short step away from resembling liveried butlers. The Mariage frères tea selections are available in only the finest worldwide establishments, but it is essential to see this amazing store in situ, n’est ce pas? The array spans over 700 teas, all displayed within the massive oak counters. The environment is a heady emporium of attention to detail and refinement. Teapots, and all other tea paraphernalia are absolutely irresistible, so leave a space in your Louis Vuitton trunk in order to herd as much as you can afford back to old Blighty.

30 de la rue Bourg-Tibourg

Paris 75004