Bistro Paul Bert

If you’re looking for the quintessential “back in the day” bistro, it can be located behind Bastille’s backside. You wont stumble across this accidentally and the outside of the Paul Bert bistro is not an accurate indication of the quality of the food one can expect inside. The decor remains charming and authentic in the “cracked tiles” and black board school of dining, but the ambience is as electric as the prices reasonable, so it really is advisable to reserve if you want to take be part of it. The food simply concentrates on being tremendously scrumptious. The area harbors some great late night drinking holes, and late night dancing spots to boogie burn the calories from French feasting. For an all-round glimpse of the area; with all its shops and hidden treasures, please check the map section* coming soon!

18 rue Paul-Bert


Métro: Faidherbe-Chaligny

0 1 4 372 24 01