King of  clubs – The Rex

It’s the beginning of the autumn and for some reason, the clubbing articles seem to be dominating the agenda on Paris Papers. It’s quite understandable considering the radical shift from one season to another… how people spend their evenings coincide with this, but we couldn’t write about the different clubs without mentioning the “Daddy” of them all…THE temple of techno in Paris; the mecca to intelligent house music. The Rex club. All the biggest names in house music today have played here and the Rex has been at the forefront of promoting the local cream of the crop and sustaining international recognition for music makers around the globe for 25 years. The club has seen many changes, but it is still, to this day, the one certainty that your “night” will be a memorable one. Because that is how you feel once you enter this club. The night is yours. The clientele is never too old, never too young; the “visionary” organizers maintain the “good vibes” school of dancing. The line up of Dj’s, the quality of the music; the intimacy of the crowd with the DJ is always special. You leave the Rex feeling sheer joy at being alive… having the Rex to count on throughout the winter months keeps us, well, sane. Now enough of this uncharacteristically emotional outburst, just get me my coat. It’ll be off the minute I get inside the Rex, ready to dance till dawn.

One more time.

Rex; 5 Boulevard Poissonnière, 75002