Le Tampographe – Sardon (Sardon rubber stamps)

We have wanted to write about this particular character for some time, and he is quite a character. Irascible would probably describe him best. However, without being this way, his formidable work and craftsmanship would probably never have seen the light. Sardon is, in fact, a very nice a gentleman despite his foreboding demeanour. Do believe us when we say, you have never seen rubber stamps like these. Taking on and running full steam ahead with an indefinable array of-steam punk-politico-ironic-iconoclastic and adult themed iconography, his work is quite simply brilliant. We must describe the man to explain his art, because, this is someone who struts down the Champs Elysees regularly noting what he considers being scenes of grotesque urban decay. Yes, us.Whilst many others might characterise a critique on consumerism in a “head on “fashion, Sardon takes this all a little further; into a world that subscribes itself to “Punk” in it’s purest form. What is his solution to the resolve or our general demise as humans? Absolutely none. We are all doomed according to Sardon. How else can you explain the “depression” , “insults” and “bereavement” stamp collection for on over 40’s birthday? So un-politically correct are his stamps that they are quite simply brilliant. From a background in illustration and with a huge talent for making patterns from porcelain mosaic designs (faience) in French, Sardon has taken rubber stamps to a new level of fetishist art. Thought provoking and irreverently witty, you will desperately want to leave with bags full of his work, (and yes, he is ok with you buying his stamps, especially for gifts!). However, these gifts would not be for young children, for these rubber stamps are more of the “Banksy meets Oscar Wilde meets Sid Vicious kind.” And with that, he’d now probably tell you to kindly piss off.