Alberto García-Alix and the land of no return….
Alberto García-Alix is one of the most « In-vogue » Spanish photographers right now. Having established his reputation through his unique and raw artistic exploration of, (for want of a better phrase) the urban « under world »; he continues, with this film, to demonstrate the different paths that culminate in this world and particularly the characters that inhabit it…

Referring to himself as the « eternal bad boy », García-Alix, holds the viewer in a constant vice grip with these « hypnotic » images; his lens guiding us through a compelling account of modern, political and social realms, particularly focusing on cities like Madrid, Paris and Peking. Although the body of his work could be considered as « portraits intime », he deftly avoids any aesthetic cliché regarding his subjects. It would be more accurate to say that he delivers a poignant « hommage » to his subjects; one that is universal and timeless in its message. He has been commissioned pieces in Vogue and Vanity Fair and has amassed over 30 exhibitions throughout his illustrious career. On October 5th, and to coincide with the special white night * (see post for this), his works from 1976-2008 will be shown in the form a film that documents the different stages of his life. His portraits are juxtaposed with large landscapes; his studies on the human condition, will leave you, quite frankly, blown away.
Not to be missed, « From where there is no return », 2008.
October 5th – WHITE NIGHT – Marais-République, de 19h à 5h
Starts at 19h-On the hour after.


In partnership with avec Arte Creative and with the help of the kamel Mennour gallery,