Concretely speaking….

Concrete organize all day long “every other” Sunday parties on a boat, which are not for the faint hearted. Although the many venues that Paris houses for clubbing enthusiasts are now increasing exponentially, this wasn’t the case in recent years. Free up for your Sundays if you want to hear huge international techno-house acts and dance till your dizzy for marathon mash-ups. The one for this Sunday, the 6th of October is already enthusing the throng of party animals who hark back to the 90’s scene of after hour’s festivities. The venue is even better in the summer as it’s just by the Seine and the light seeps in to give an added ethereal effect over all the committed clubbers. This is of the only regular after hour’s events on a regular basis in Paris, so it is taken very seriously indeed. We suggest you grab some croissants and instead of walking the dog, head for this haven to house music. They promise to have you back home by Monday morning.


69 Port de la Rapée


Metros; Gare de Lyon, Bercy, Gare Austerlitz, Quai de la Gare