After work

« Nouvelles vagues » at Palais de Tokyo.This extraordinary testament to the new generation of curators “hands on” approach with regard […]

104 reasons to be cheerful..This vast building an what once was a sort of no mans land; lends itself today as the cultural Centre holding regular exhibits, deba […]

La Gaîté lyrique
Translated as «joyful lyricism », this gallery/institute/venue is situated in central Paris is packed with activities, concerts, work shops […]

Peacock proudThis is the line-up weve been waiting for. A two day electronic extravaganza featuring the cream of the crop in electronic music ; for those in th […]

Yes, tonight JosephineCafe Josephine is a recently opened bar inspired by the chic bistro era of the 1920s with beautiful leather armchairs and exquisite tilin […]

Rose coloured people-watchingIf your need to capture some bucolic bliss in this often very congested city, and this is in every sense of the word as Paris’ de […]

The virtual boutiqueLa Boutique Ephémère consolidates on a regular basis all the best french designers, accessories, jewelry, design, books and objects in the […]

Initials BB at Wanderlust
Imagine a huge outdoor terrace attached to a club and restaurant where you can contemplate the stars or dance like a loony indoors rig […]

You looking at me ?Cinémorphe creates cinema themed evenings within a performance/visual context where audiences become immersed in situations and environments […]

The bottle shop
You absoloutely cannot give this friendly neighbourhood and well stocked bar a miss whilst on your Parisian foray. During the day, children are […]

L ‘Artisan 
Walking through this area the other day, we quite literally stopped in our tracks in front of the Artisan bar, because the ambiance inside was so […]

As with the brain, which enables information and sensorial experience to travel from one neuron to another via the synapse, a place can sometimes recre […]