We’ve been meaning to write about this established club for a while now; their line-ups just keep on catching our eye and with all the movement that is particular to the Paris club scene right now, this club has remained true to its identity and grown from strength to strength. Whilst a lot of the clubs continue to focus on electro (in all its permutations), the team at Djoon also take this on, but seem to prefer to show case a more soulful, deep and Afro-American style that washes really really well with us. They have always had eye-catching graphics to promote their nights and this one night in particular, pictured here, caught our eye & inspired us to put pen to paper. Toute de suite. Paris is obviously big enough for all the great clubs that have been part of the recent maelstrom of late night clubbing to happily co exist. Djoon, like many clubs, also happens to have a restaurant and is situated in the east of Paris…but it actually does seem to have a pumping heart & soul as well. Deep deep inside. Keep them coming Djoon. *Click on the image above to see their April line-up in full.

22 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris, France