Ich & Kar

Such a cool name for a graphic design combo whose extensive work you’ve no doubt seen in Paris or elsewhere for years. The team behind the Arte channel Corporate Identity (amongst tons of other clients) has been the innovative driving force behind many of the menus and restaurant “branding” that are listed on this site. Stretching as far as Mexico and London, (like the Sketch establishment), the Internationally acclaimed Ich & Kar are famous for their whimsical, powerful, no “chichi” and distinctive graphic and typographical style that has been growing exponentially over their 20 odd year career. Although they’re not French, we feel that their talent could not quite have been so cleverly harnessed elsewhere. The heritage that is so particular to this culture is drawn upon to hone uniquely diverse styles whilst retaining their own signature style. Their web site is well worth a visit and is revelatory in the unique outlook that is associated with this popular team; down to earth, poetic and often tongue in cheek whilst delivering their creations within such diverse areas as music, product design, architecture and gastronomy… So many successful graphic designers graciously cohabit Paris’ dense urban home to like-minded professionals, but this particular team might just be the occupants of the penthouse. Ich & Kar have probably even designed the lift that takes them to the top floor.