French touche 

Alongside the concept store Colette that needs no introduction, a quirky little vintage-orientated concept store is feeding its fan base with fabulous clothes, crockery and all sorts of lesser-known “collectible” items in the eclectic and diverse 17th district. Beware; this shop is a trap, and you need to be patient and have the proper time necessary in order to rummage around this cave of treasures in a “hunter-gatherer” sort of fashion. All sorts of retro items, especially for older kids, can be snapped up here, including many references to world known pop items from the past, like badges and patches and the like. These items, however, are exceptions to the otherwise predominantly French « feel « belonging to this little gem in the guise of a shop; and thus its name; the “French touch” with an “e”. The lovely owner promises vinyl very soon and in the mean time, delight in the knitted and crafted items and household wares that reflect the present “l’air du temps” ; yesteryear’s coolest designs, for today.

1 Rue Jacquemont,

75017 Paris

Métro La Fourche