Imagine a handful of the capitals most dapper club promoters (From Baron & Chez Moune fame) aligning with one another and choosing one of the coolest new venues in which to house their new offspring. You would come up with Le Nüba. A fresh and younger take on its elder “siblings” especially where the door policy and drinks are concerned. The Nüba, perched on the Fashion and Design institute’s waterfront rooftop (and right above the Wanderlust*, read our article) is open for lunch during the day and different nights of the week, whilst the club starts mid week. The odd Sunday, (rather like the Wanderlust downstairs), presents the “children of the unicorn” which is specifically reserved for the whole family! This baby is designed to not only showcase the confirmed royal court of electro DJs but also give rise to the new generation of electro; the latter draw on their older counter parts for inspiration. Thankfully, The onus is really on loving the music rather than posing. Panoramic views over Paris and a “beach club” exterior (loungers abound!) quirkily open up to a whole new atmosphere once inside. Unpretentious & festive, the ambiance is simply about enjoying the vibe, even if the web site is rather, er, magniloquent

36, quai d’ Austerlitz, 75013 Paris Metros ; Gare d’ Austerlitz / Quai de la gare

Garden open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12h à 23h

Club open from Wednesday to from 23h to 5h

Restaurant open from Tuesday to saturday 12h to15 and from 19h to 23h