Don’t get this hotel confused with the erotic book; the Story of O. The appeal of the hotel O lies elsewhere and mostly in conjunction with the modern requirements of a busy, capital hopping jet setter who requires all the props of a modern boutique hotel; calm, clean lines and functional sobriety, with an emphasis on design and touches of originality to set this haven apart. Hotel- O does tick all the boxes and more because you can expect the highest standards associated with the world-class designer, Ora Ito who designed it. Bursts of colour, with an omnipresent but stylized logo in each room, and (elsewhere!); the word space capsule comes to mind. We haven’t stayed there yet, but we can’t help imagining the VIP quarters of the starship enterprise resembling one of these rooms. Right in the heart of Paris is a utopian slice of heaven. Some of the beds are encased into a wooden enclave and the lines are neat and fluid. If you don’t want to leave your hotel, the Bar O, equally designed by Ora-ito, will complete the experience. We’d like to call it « no nonsense chic ». But just chic will do.