Chips ahoy

The sunken chip is a blessing when spending longer periods in Paris and the yearning for fab fish and chips from yonder is just too much to bear. You’ll probably be strolling along the canal regularly anyway; if not just to soak up the hive of activity around this time of year resulting from impromptu events, flea markets and the many watering holes and shops that punctuate this stretch of Paris. When you get to the bridge, (around the square de Recollets and on the Gare de l’Est side of the canal), come to a complete stop in front of Sunken Chip on Rue des Vinaigriers. Inside this pearl of a take away fish bar, you’ll succumb to the hybrid nautical atmosphere; it feels like being teleported to somewhere between Whitstable and Honfleur. The premises are clean and simple with a smattering of tables for those who just can’t contain their crunchy-flakey fresh fish and super sized chips crush. You might even want to order the mushy peas with the menu and go all the way. There are many variations and thoughtfully innovative twists of the usual fish and chip combo from back in the newspaper-soaked day, like the monkfish nuggets or fish butty…. The menu has revised the authentic original source and given it the well needed face lift to make it a comforting contemporary cousin and “on the go” alternative to the ubiquitous “Moules frites » you find here in Paris.

Sunken Chip

39 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010

Telephone :01 53 26 74 46