Les années scooter

We want to introduce you to a guy who we have been following closely forever and who has been developing his 50s and 60s inspired scooter collection alongside special objects like juke boxes and furniture from this period. Other cool memorabilia and quirky objects feature in his shop for fans of all things from this era.

His real kudos and expertise is centred on « vintage » and very collectible Vespa’s, for which he obviously has mastered every aspect of their maintenance and upkeep. There would always be an array of the coolest latest additions lined up outside his shop in the 11th arrondissement; with that very special “nod” to those years; the man himself standing next to his « treasures » like their guardian. Yes, we have always loved his shop, (which is not known for its organization), but once you enter it, you really enter the era of the scooter and all that this period embodies. Pure nostalgia if you like, even if you weren’t around then! We talk about this because Paris is simply perfect to discover with it’s hidden streets and all, astride one of these beautiful objects. Although our friend Phillippe Devant from « les années scooter » (the scooter years in english) doesn’t actually rent his pieces, if you are living in Paris, then he is your man for handling anything to do with this subject. You might have to haggle a little! If you’re visiting, then you might just want to check out these guys; 3scoot.

Les années scooter

23 Rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris
01 46 59 47 90

Vespa and vintage car rental ;


42 rue Monge 75005 Paris

0761 521 171