Matières à réflexion

We haven’t often talked about recycling on Paris Papers, so now is the opportunity to do so, especially in the wake of thought provoking issues that are flourishing around this subject. Matières à réflexion is a great reflection of this in that its distinguishing feature is based on reincarnating beautiful leather vintage coats into stylish bags. The initial details of the original garment are preserved and hand made on the premises and cater to women AND men. You can find all sorts of accessories and shoes, but we fell in love with this, the Elsa Esturgie Jim black wool coat/cardigan, which keeps in tune with this season’s trends’. We also want to mention here the very ample and urban “Man bag” made from vintage leather that is great for the boys!  Really worth checking out, especially if you’re caught short with coats, hats, gloves and you don’t want to break the bank to keep warm. Matters for reflexion, (this is what the shop stands for in English), is the way to go if you want to sustain the ethic of re-using fabrics in order to create cool new pieces that inject a new life into old clothes.

Matieres a reflexion
17-19 rue de poitou – Paris 75003