Le Tambour. 

We would not be adequately reflecting the longstanding habits of Parisians if we didn’t talk about “older” haunts from time to time. We’re not just about mentioning the new hangouts hailed by quirky visionaries; sometimes we need to draw attention to age-old establishments, even if they remain a little “frayed around the edges”. Some places go through phases of popularity, but we have to acknowledge that our thirst for late, or rather, “late” late night sustenance welcomes establishments that accommodate this need year after year. The Tambour no way boasts the casual sophistication of its neighboring haunts in the rue Montmartre. “Casual” would, however, be an accurate description of the food, the ambiance and everything else about the place.

If you come here, expect to be rewarded by comfort food, a certain intriguing bond that often happens between the bustling tables, fuelled by copious amounts of alcohol, ignited by the eclectic décor and brought into crescendo by the raucous bar fly’s. Sometimes that’s all you need before heading out into the night or you might even decide to end your journey here. This is where the Tambour comes in; it remains a flagpole for what you could almost consider as 24-hour sustenance, like a welcoming beacon of light looming on a motorway. Just like a motorway café; where surreal ambience meets equally surreal clientele, it provides you with that perfect pause that punctuates a moment in your night.No superlatives could describe this very centrally located restaurant. Just be thankful that its opening hours are defined by whatever the crowd decides that night and that’s certainly a lot better than a kick in the teeth.

41 rue Montmartre
75002 Paris