“Oh I do like to be beside the Seine side…”
From late July to late August, Paris’ banks transform themselves into a ringside city beachscape. Some natives take this very seriously and don’t mind displaying themselves in next to nothing next to Paris’ central thoroughfares, as it is quite pleasant to be able to experience this pseudo carnival spirit in this normally bustling metropolis. All gentle water sports and activities are on offer, however our personal favourite is the “power drizzle” that refreshes the hot and bothered parents racing to get their children to the pre-served play and mini golf areas on time. All Parisians claim to be blasé about this once in a year monthly experience where sand (which has cost a small fortune since 2002) is shipped in for the occasion. These same urbanites will be found in a very merry rosé fuelled state swaying to the DJ on a regular basis after dusk. A replacement for your holiday plans this isn’t. A unique once in a year experience it is.

(Louvre/Pont de Sully, Port de la Gare and Bassin de la Villette).

Paris Plages 2013 : From July 20 to August 18