The Red Baron rides on

What would a visit to Paris be without entering this unusual drinking establishment situated off the beaten track, but next to one of Paris’ most exhilarating markets, the Marché Aligre. The Baron Rouge is a chapel to wine lovers;  gulping down their little « ballons » of the nectar with their accompanying “plates” to wash it down with. Wine can be taken home from the barrels found on the premises and you wont find many other bars these days with their clientele holding fort out on the streets with a dozen oysters at their finger tips and a Sancerre balanced in the other hand. « Le Baron », as that is what it’s fondly called by the aficionados, is the closest thing to attending Mass on sundays.. Parisians drop off here, market purchases literally  spewing onto the pavement  and all indulging in liquid « sustenance » before they set off home to make Sunday lunch. The staff are truly delightful and the choice of wines will make you dizzy. That is, if a beyond reasonable ingestion of the latter doesn’t get to you first. You’ll be allowed to totter back home as long as you don’t bother the neighbors. This is actually quite a task, as Le Baron is too much of a « Mecca » on these  market mornings to remain inconspicuous. But don’t tell anyone we said so.

1 Rue Théophile Roussel  75012 Paris