Original Purple Design

We fell in love with these guys when perusing through the plethora of talent that is currently sprouting up in France. Original Purple design is an interior design/artist team who share an overlapping aesthetic that transforms everyday objects into delectable pieces of furniture and objects. Based in Marseille, their cross-pollination creed revisits the ubiquitous wooden table by forging it into a huge cassette shaped wooden table; taking the notion of ergonomic form and function just a little further! The rounded edges and beautifully finished inserts are designed to stimulate the imagination and transform it’s use from mixing table to drinks or dinner table in a second by inserting whatever fits into it’s carved out recesses. The table, therefore, normally the focal point of a room, becomes a beautiful art piece in its own right. The team are superbly skilled and detail orientated and has prolonged the “nostalgia ” theme by forging a vinyl record player clock and a giant pencil lamp. We haven’t even mentioned the artfully crafted wooden collapsible stool with the “retro parcel” postal stamp and number on the seat. They themselves claim to be children at heart.  We can confirm this with their reconstruction of turning erstwhile everyday objects into witty pieces and which are earning them an increasing fan base. Watch this space. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this company. Aren’t we all children at heart after all?