Vice Versa hotel

Chantal Thomass needs no introduction. Just in case you haven’t heard of her; she could be considered to be the guru of lingerie. Her name would be next to these terms in the dictionary; sexy, feminine and iconoclastically edgy. Translate this slant within the context of interior decoration and this is where the Vice Versa steps in. Only there is 7 particular themes reserved for this state of the art, sensual and recently opened boutique hotel with rave reviews; the 7 deadly sins. Each of the 7 rooms has been uniquely designed specifically according to each theme. One room has bank notes splattered over every surface, another has a plethora of shopping articles with a very “Sex and the City” inspiration, another room is very majestically adorned in abundant gold leaf appliqué, another is ultra feminine with pink and black lace details….need we continue ? There must certainly be a room to suit your particular sin, er, taste and booking early here will not necessarily break the bank. The location of the hotel is not particularly central although the area is still quite close to the Ecole Militaire and Saint Germain areas as it is situated on the left bank. The Vice versa would probably be at the top of your list for a dirty weekend so you might not even care about the location. Personally, the jaw dropping and magnificent monochromic white room really had us gripped. Think the “milk bar” in a Clockwork Orange. Wicked.

213 rue Croix Nivert, 75015

Paris, France

+ 33 (0) 1 55 76 55 55