Chloe S

Yes, we want to talk about food, food and more food. Fresh and delectable fuel for the approaching winter. Chloe S hits the spot. Nestled in the 9th arrondissement, gone is the profusion of pink and it’s monochromatic palette that housed her famous “cup cakerie”, (which we actually miss a little), but now, in it’s place, is the slicker and more “bar food” fare and ambiance that her fans have been nagging her about for ages. The cup cakes are still there, it’s just that Chloe S has decided to go with the popular demand for evening bites in the form of Bocadillos and ”apero” food such as Tapas to go with your wine and all that AS WELL as lunch and tea. With the sweet (caramelized-chocolate-pecan!) bocadillo, you could say, she’s got it covered. Her brunch  menu is literally mouth watering and if you happen to be in the area, this has just got to be where you a make a pit stop. Actually, you should probably just go there especially. Her amazing combinations of bocadillos are both reasonable in price and easy to eat on the run. Well, sort of. Just take a look at the picture if you don’t take our word for it. You can still see the cup cake inspiration behind this new-ish venture and you might actually have to go on a run after all the calorie in take (and if you opt for the whole “menu” + cup cake splash out). But it’s worth it.


47 avenue de Trudaine, 75009 Paris.

Open tuesday to saturday from 12h till 15h and 16h30 till 22h00.

Sundays 11h till 18h.

Brunch formula  26 €,

Lunch formula 13,50 € or 15,90 €.