l’oeil du globe

Whilst doing some research, we were literally hit by a site that stood out with its flashy fluorescent yellow home page.  We had seen l’oeil du globe, or « global eye » before and in conjunction with some impressive art portfolios that are represented on their Facebook page. Now we put the two together and came up with the conclusion that a site devoted to exposing and rendering accessible contemporary, precious art pieces by talented artists was an enthralling idea. No longer limited to professionals or those wanting to hone their art portfolio, some unique art pieces can be yours and for what can be considered to be, a pretty reasonable price. Photos, mixed media objects, paintings and unique pieces suddenly came into full vision; all were regrouped around the colour red on their web site gallery, an idea which we thought intriguing in itself… instead of knocking the old adage of “colour coordinating your art collection with your décor”; here were actually grouped together, completely different types of art, simply based around the colour red. Red as in fetish!

The value of these works varied, but most were realistically priced and some were under 500 euros. You would probably only want to play “art collector” with just a few odd pieces, however, the idea of discovering unique art on this site is well worth a visit in itself. Art should represent something powerful and personal. It should be whatever you want it to be and it should not be restricted to only gallery or museum viewings. It’s wonderful when art you really like can actually be yours without having to rob a bank.

The critical exploration between the notions of “high” art and popular culture may still be vast, but it is also becoming well within our grasp.