Loulou addiction

Situated in a prime location next to fabulous bars, galleries and cool venues, LouLou addict is a shop that you just cant go without. Literally bursting with household and children’s items from an array of unique and quirky designers, perusing the articles is like losing yourself in a country cottage filled to the brim with arts & crafts styles that have been revisited to the max for « hip » dom. Guaranteed that you will not walk out empty handed, your children will beg for the dinky lunch boxes and illustrated table ware. You, on the other hand will feel the must-have factor with the linen and bath articles. Functional & original, Loulou addict is constantly updating its stock to suit specific occasions. Their Leitmotif?  Flounce, filigree and finery.

25 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris

Metro Breguet Sabin

01 49 29 00 61