Imagine a drawing or graphic transcribed to a beautiful hand crafted rug and that adds a considerable edgy, “crafty” personality to a room. Floor art. Soft floor art conceived for tough use. This would be Edito; a new concept in rugs born from the collaboration between Isabelle and Tom, 2 very established graphic designers who have taken their talents a step further and launched into textile design. Their rugs are forged from the highest quality weave from a Belgium manufacturer; the latter specialising in super soft, highly resilient textures which feels like wool to the touch. Their particular range, Antidote, is conceived to be especially resistant to wear and tear. This means that these artfully crafted rugs, never lose their fluffiness, are hyper allergic and easy to maintain. The witty designs are not only easy on the eye, but their functionality is guaranteed to pass the supreme test; children. We especially love the “Serie noir” collection with the outline of a dead body next to a trail of blood. Look at photo inset. So we guess that the aggravation for a hostess dealing with wine spills might be lessened then? It might just be a little trickier to explain the crime scene motive to your children though, so check out the more PG rated designs, like “Blooming flowers” and “Savana”.