Mel, Mich & Martin

With their funky name, which favours a large dose of alliteration, you would be forgiven to suspect that this store was born from just another fashion combo. Yes to the fashion aspect but also to the food and other finery that are actually what you will be greeted with in this concept store in the 11th arrondissement. Oozing a distinctive retro flavour, this very popular store has become a haven with the locals. The owners have also created a space where you’ll be hard pushed to find a more inspiring environment to fiddle with your laptop. The edgy and urban interior actually disguises a real penchant for ethical and hand made objects and yes, they also have the ubiquitous “made in France” stamp all over them. The overall effect, however, is more oddball than “crafts-ey”. It’s precisely this eclectic and quirky juxtaposition of their displays that harbour a distinctive visual identity, which is enhanced by the gallery part of Mel, Mich and Martin.

Most DO come here for their coffee, cakes and delicious brunch at reasonable prices, but then the customers tend to linger…The owners have combined clothes, shoes, bags and crockery to forge a unique opus. While we try to steer away from addresses and places that are overtly “branded”, this concept store really works. The friendly and effortlessly cool demeanour remind you of a good and loyal friend, you know, the one that is really savvy and that seems to have her finger on the button in terms of style and urban kudos. The one that has her hand on her heart. So, see you there for breakfast.

Mel, Mich and Martin are open from Tuesday to Saturdays

From 11am to 7pm

8 rue Saint Bernard, 75011