Magic hands and Mojo boosters

Masseur, Qi gong expert and pamperer to the stars, Bruno Eap is a must for giving your tired frame AND frame of mind. Your body will thank you for it. Your soul will sing back to you. Dispatch the kids off at one of our Kids activities  in our kids section* and just indulge in this amazing and invigorating massage experience by this french/cambodian expert.His Qi gong class can be attended once youve arranged this as a « one-off » with the black belted Master Bruno. In the summer,this is often outdoors in a glorious park, the Buttes Chaumont. If you ever get to Cambodia, he may even invite you to his Lotus flower sanctuary.Bruno speaks english and you can contact him directly for more information. He is based in the 19th district.

If you already know about the Shiatsu experience and want to slip in a therapeutic and purely relaxing massage whilst on your mission in Paris, this is THE lady to contact.

Contact Samira directly  for more information. She is based in the 20th district.

Please send us a mail for their respective numbers*