Eldorado is here 

The Eldorado hotel situated in the Place de Clichy area and has been a hit with models, Djs and regulars to Paris for decades now. We have witnessed this hotel evolve and change with the times over the years and presumably in order to accommodate the large bookings from their equally eclectic clientele. This change has resulted in a great little hotel today; that hasn’t lost its original funky heritage and « thematic vibe». Speaking of themes, each room has been individually created and « articulated » around a specific style; one room might be decorated in a more 50s style or employing an African feel, for example, and thankfully, each room can accommodate larger groups, so if you’re traveling with 2 girlfriends, you could all bunk up together. Although the hotel doesn’t promise to deliver boutique hotel type standards in terms of luxury, you will appreciate the intimate and international welcome you will receive from the incredibly accommodating manager and the room prices are a reflection of this premise. Realistic and reasonable for Paris at last. What is truly unique about this hotel is the immensely popular and funky Spanish style bistro directly situated within the hotel, the Bistro des Dames and, (this is especially noteworthy for summer visitors,) a huge leafy courtyard that transports you to a sort of Mediterranean hacienda atmosphere which is far removed from the bustling surroundings of this little but BIG “find”. Well worth checking out.

17 rue des Dames,

Paris 75017

Metro Place Clichy