Eating & drinking

Le Perchoir
The Perchoir bar- restaurant is located on the 7th floor and has a 360-degree view of the city. One of the best new-ish addresses for the view actu […]

Skip to my Lou
This cafe bar is in the very trendy Menilmontant triangle, and is considered an institution by the cool, biker and chic punk clientele. For a mor […]

Bistro Paul Bert…
If you’re looking for the quintessential “back in the day” bistro, it can be located behind Bastille’s backside. You wont stumbl […]

The Red Baron rides on
What would a visit to Paris be without entering this unusual drinking establishment situated off the beaten track, but next to one of Par […]

“Oh I do like to be beside the Seine side…”From late July to late August, Paris’ banks transform themselves into a ringside city beachscape. Some native […]

Yes, tonight JosephineCafe Josephine is a recently opened bar inspired by the chic bistro era of the 1920s with beautiful leather armchairs and exquisite tilin […]

Rose coloured people-watchingIf your need to capture some bucolic bliss in this often very congested city, and this is in every sense of the word as Paris’ de […]

Initials BB at Wanderlust
Imagine a huge outdoor terrace attached to a club and restaurant where you can contemplate the stars or dance like a loony indoors rig […]

Vietnam veteransParis Hanoi is the place for the best tasting vietnamese food in Paris. The queues will vouch for that and the food is well worth the wait. Go f […]

The bottle shop
You absoloutely cannot give this friendly neighbourhood and well stocked bar a miss whilst on your Parisian foray. During the day, children are […]

Cocktail teasers
So you think youre a cocktail expert ? Sit back on the oversize cushions, think of England and let these surprising concoctions knock your soc […]

Aristocratic Motorcyclist
Lorenzo is a french « eroticolor » pop artist. Uncategorized, obsessive, compulsive, Lorenzo takes us to exciting places with his s […]

L ‘Artisan 
Walking through this area the other day, we quite literally stopped in our tracks in front of the Artisan bar, because the ambiance inside was so […]